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About us

Let 3 billion people around the world use more professional trash cans with better quality
Brand stories
Brand stories


In 2020, “Zhengtongrenhe” brand responded to the national call of “garbage classification is the new fashion”, developed, designed and produced intelligent multi-classification trash cans, and committed to building the top 1 brand of customized high-end classification trash cans in China.


The forward-looking intelligent garbage classification project was successfully developed and put into production


The new plant was put into production and the annual output exceeded 800,000


We have grown steadily, and the products of the enterprise are sold to various places in China and have gained good reputation


Support the rural environment improvement project and obtain outstanding achievements


Occupy the market rapid and double the size of the factory


The company established a 1300-square-meter workshop and put it into production


The company established a 1300-square-meter workshop and put it into production.


Rapid growth after 6 years of development. In 2003, in face of the outbreak of SARS, environmental sanitation was raised to an unprecedented height after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The demand for trash cans from government departments, hospitals and schools surged, and the environmental protection equipment industry ushered in a rapid growth point.


Seizing the opportunity through 4 years of research: the Company decided to join the environmental protection equipment industry and took preemptive opportunities in the field of environmental protection in 2001. Entering the new millennium, China began to attach importance to environmental sanitation and provided many opportunities for development.Foresee the future at first encounter.


In 1998, students living in Xiamen were sincerely invited to visit Zhengzhou. By Comparing the two cities, it was found that there were few trash cans in Zhengzhou and the citizens at that time lacked the awareness of throwing garbage into the trash cans, from which we foresaw the prospect of the environmental protection equipment industry.

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