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Warm after-sales service

Warm after-sales service


I. After-sales service during the warranty period

Our company will provide after-sales service in strict accordance with the regulations and terms of the bidding documents. During the quality assurance period, our company will provide free maintenance or replacement for any quality problem discovered during normal use. During repair, our company pays the packaging fee and freight of the equipment or components, and recalculates the warranty period after repair or replacement. In order to better serve the owner, meet the needs of the purchaser, and solve the problem in a timely manner, our company has professional after-sales service & maintenance service organization which can provide a full range of project maintenance services, including 7*24 hours door-to-door maintenance service.

Our company adheres to the service tenet of “quality first, customer first”, “trust and benefit first, integrity-oriented”, and carries out operation in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system and bidding documents in the process of product production, sales and installation and hereby guarantees and promises the following services to the purchaser:

★Fault response time and problem solving time: Our company provides purchasers with 7*24 hours of free telephone consultation and technical services throughout the year. In case of any failure of the goods during the warranty period, our company will respond immediately after receiving the user’s call for repairs and send maintenance personnel to arrive at the user’s site within 4 hours (the specific time shall be agreed by both parties) to carry out on-site maintenance service, and work continuously and uninterruptedly until the fault is eliminated. If the equipment cannot be repaired temporarily, our company will provide backup machines and backup software services until the original equipment and software are repaired to ensure that the purchaser can use it normally.

★Regular inspection: Our company will regularly inspect the operation of the products and equipment systems supplied to eliminate hidden troubles and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

(1) Commencement date of guarantee and commitment

The guarantee and commitment will be implemented from the date when the goods are accepted and put into normal use.

(2) Scope of guarantee and committee

1. The guarantee and commitment letter shall apply to the products produced, sold and installed by the company. All obligations of the guarantor shall apply to the products purchased by the demander.

2. Our company undertakes that the provided products are all original, brand-new and unused mature products, the quality of which can meet the national quality standards and the requirements of the bidding documents and the process requirements; upon completion of project construction, the detailed files and materials will be provided to the purchaser.

3. The products provided by the company are stable, practical, safe and reliable and have passed the national industry standard requirements; within the national “Three Guarantees” period, in case of any product quality problem discovered during use, it shall be handled according to the provisions of “Three Guarantees” agreement.

4. The products purchased by the government shall strictly comply with the manufacturer’s warranty terms and the supply commitment of government procurement. The products provided by the Company are provided with life-long maintenance and repair services. During the warranty period, door-to-door free maintenance within the scope of the warranty shall be provided. For paid maintenance beyond the warranty period or the paid maintenance that are within the warranty period but beyond the scope of warranty, only relevant material costs are charged.

(3). Guarantee and commitment measures

1. The procurement department of the Company shall strictly control the quality of the goods and prohibit sales of the non-original and fake products to users.

2. Pay attention to work efficiency and service quality. The office of the Company has prepared a daily record of violations of technicians and customer complaints, and takes “no violation for more than three times” as the bottom line to alert and standardize the behaviors of technicians.

3. Strengthen service awareness: the Company’s technical personnel shall conduct operation training for the relevant personnel of the user according to the prescribed process.

(4). Guarantee and commitment premise

1. The obligations borne by the guarantee and commitment provider:

A. Users shall strictly abide by the technical instructions and control methods provided in the product instruction manual;

B. Technicians who are not from the Company shall not disassemble the products without authorization within the “three guarantee” period specified by the country and the manufacturer.

2. The obligations not borne by the guarantee and commitment provider:

A. Damage caused by external reasons other than the ones specified in regulations of the country and the manufacturer - high voltage electric shock, lightning strike;

B. Improper cleaning, fire, collision, or other force majeure - vandalism or deliberate damage.

(5). Repair, maintenance content and expense

The Company will provide irregular tracking inspection, maintenance and repair services for the supplied products. All good warranty services are the door-to-door services provided by our company and all expenses resulting therefrom shall be borne by our company.

(6). Emergency response plan

1. The company is equipped with a special vehicle for emergency response, which can be used to respond to the user’s request as soon as possible, and then remove the fault immediately.

2. Project manager responsibility system is implemented for handling emergencies. The emergencies shall be handled in accordance with the cause, nature and workload of the event and the company’s technical personnel shall give a response promptly, decompose the tasks and ensure that the user can carry out work in an orderly manner.

(7). After-sales service hotline

7*24h free service hotline: 0371-63333902

II. After-sales service beyond the warranty period

Beyond the warranty period, our company will only charge material fees and waive labor fees for lifetime maintenance; within the maintenance response period, our company will continue to meet customer requirements with service commitments during the warranty period, and provide free lifetime technical service consultation.

Description of the warranty after the warranty period expires: Our company provides 7*24 hours of free telephone consultation and technical services for the buyer, answers the problems encountered by the buyer in use, and timely proposes suggestions and methods for the buyer to solve the problems. If the buyer encounters use and technical problems that cannot be solved by telephone consultation, our company will arrive at the scene within 4 hours (the specific time shall be agreed by both parties) and solve the problems within 12 hours to ensure the normal operation of the equipment system. Only the cost expense will be charged and no other labor costs will be charged.

Beyond the warranty period, free warranty service will be provided for all equipment (only material fee is charged) and the maintenance and replacement of parts and consumables are charged at the lowest price in current market.

During emergency maintenance period, free door-to-door service will be provided (7 days* 24h service, all year round).

24h service hotline: 0371-63333902

Beyond expiration of warranty period, the content, cost, service method and scope of lifetime maintenance are shown as follows:

(1) If the user asks us to provide technical support beyond the warranty period, and the problem can be solved through off-site guidance such as telephone, we will solve the problem by telephone, fax, e-mail and other offsite methods free of charge and provide 7*24h telephone support.

(2) If the user asks us to maintain the equipment beyond the warranty period, the Company will send one technical service personnel nearby to the site and only charge the cost expense, without any labor cost.

(3) Maintenance and replacement of parts and consumables are charged at the lowest price in current market.

III. Technical training measures

To make users familiar with the technical principles, product performance, operation and maintenance methods of the Company’s products and ensure that the products can play a better role in practical applications, and bring convenience to users, the Company has specially dispatched technical personnel to provide technical training for relevant management personnel and technicians of the users.

1. Training plan

1.1 In the early stage of operation, the Company will gather the on-site operators and related maintenance workers of the users to accept on-site trainings (the time and place are determined by the users). The training is divided into a theoretical part and a practical operation part to ensure that the operators can meet the following requirements:

1.2 Ensure that the trainees can operate the equipment independently under normal working conditions and tasks according to the basic rules of operation. For the special working conditions and tasks that may be encountered, we will also explain relevant contents.

1.3 Understand the structure and working principle of the product;

1.4 Acquire proficiency in safety operation procedures, correct use methods and daily maintenance techniques of the equipment;

1.5 Master and understand the prohibited operation items of the equipment to prevent safety accidents;

1.6 The maintenance personnel can independently eliminate general faults;

1.7 Understand the warranty period and warranty content of the Company’s equipment.

2. Training materials

Our company will provide the latest text, audio and video and electronic training materials

3. Training purpose

It aims to enables users to master the use, maintenance and management of relevant products, in order to independently complete the management and daily maintenance of equipment and ensure the normal and safe operation of the system.

4. Training time and training content

4.1 Training fee: free

4.2 Theoretical training

4.2.1 Overview: product functions, features, operation and maintenance essentials.

4.2.2 Training time: start the training when you enter the installation stage, and start the trial operation upon acceptance.

4.2.3 Training objects: equipment managers, technicians, equipment operators and maintenance personnel.

4.2.4 Training content and specific time arrangement: the time specified by the buyer.

A. Overview: equipment overview and technological process.

B. Structural composition, principle, function and characteristics of equipment and its accessories; common fault analysis; counseling and answering questions.

C. Equipment: function and composition; use operation and maintenance; operation by trained personnel; common fault analysis; counseling and answering questions.

D. The use and replacement methods of various spare accessories; counseling and answering questions.

3.3 Operation training

Operation training is conducted in three stages:

3.3.1 At the stage of equipment installation and commissioning, users are invited to send relevant technicians, operators and maintenance personnel to the site to participate in the installation and commissioning, and accept training during the installation and commissioning process.

3.3.2 During the trial operation, our company will train the relevant technical personnel, operators and maintenance personnel sent by the user during working.

3.3.3 When the equipment is put into formal operation and after relevant personnel of the user operate the equipment in their posts, our company will send experienced technicians to guide the relevant personnel until they acquire the proficiency and can complete flexible operation.

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