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About us

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Development vision
  • 2022-01-19

    According to the 2021 strategic plan of Zhenghe Environmental Protection, through resource integration, optimization and adjustment and adaptation of organizational structure, the market development of 6 provinces and 2 municipalities around Henan has been completed. In 2021, it is mainly to do technology research and development, to find the power point, it is expected to apply for 18 patents, and the output value in 2021 is defined as 20 million yuan
  • 2022-01-19

    In 2022, we will complete the market development of the five northern provinces, further integrate all resources, optimize the supervision and management model, sign strategic agreements with suppliers to reduce costs, and strive to learn and summarize. It is expected to apply for 28 patents, and the output value will strive to achieve 40 million yuan.
  • 2022-01-19

    In 2023, the company will develop in a three-dimensional and in-depth manner, complete the development of the market and business scope in the seven southern provinces, learn, introduce, integrate various development resources such as talents, funds, policies and other development resources required for enterprise development from various channels and make reasonable use of them and development operations. It is expected to apply for 36 patents and realize an output value of 60 million yuan.
  • 2022-01-19

    In 2024, the market development of the five eastern provinces will be completed, and the development goals will be to deepen the operation and service orientation. It will realize modernization in terms of operation management, production services, ideology, cultural knowledge, skills and quality, and gradually improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise. It is expected to apply for 46 A patent, the output value of 80 million yuan.
  • 2022-01-19

    The company further develops and grows, its business covers the whole country, provides a full range of services for customers, and achieves an output value of over 100 million yuan in 2025.
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