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Garbage classification room

Product: length (5 m)* width (3 m)* height (3 m) Description: According to the applicable place of Party A and the effect requirements achieved, the intelligent garbage classification room adopts the appearance of carved brick pattern; The four categories of the intelligent waste classification rooms are: other waste, kitchen waste, and hazardous waste classification rooms; Textile recycling bins, recyclables room Intelligent classification room: 1. Install the sink 2. Install the faucet inside to clean the floor 3. Human body sensor switch 4. Install the infrared sensor outside to automatically open and close the door, without human contact (is generally set as the form of box room, and the garbage box door is equipped with an automatic sensor device. At delivery time, before the people who need to throw rubbish come to the trash can, the box door will automatically open, and the box door will automatically close at other times); Appearance: it is made of metal carved plate mainly, and the steel structure is painted for modeling; On the premise that the appearance style is in harmony with the main environment, taking into account the realization of the appearance effect, it needs to use thicker main material than the standard one and sufficient thickness of the external modeling plate material. All glasses shall be made of tempered glasses, which are safe and practical, and the windows are made of aluminum alloy. The materials of the entire classification room are all made of fireproof and heat-insulating materials, and the internal materials adopt environmentally friendly materials. The steel dragon skeleton adopts double-cross-shaped intensive welding, which is safe and anti-collision. Thermal insulation is added on the top. The external process details pass the on-site quality inspection. Hardware accessories and structural adhesives are all brand-name products to ensure quality. Concealed wiring is laid.
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