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Luxury Car Mobile Toilet ZH-121

Luxury Car Mobile Toilet ZH-121

The luxury vehicle-mounted mobile toilet is specially developed and designed by our company according to the needs of sanitation work for mobile toilet. The car body can be of passenger car type or trailer type, and the internal configuration is complete and practical. Its internal movement adopts the patented technology product fragrance sanitary ware (smart foam water-saving sanitary ware). ●Standard configuration Equipped with air conditioner (optional), vanity mirror, coat hook, toilet paper holder, patented scented sanitary ware, wash basin, soap dispenser, paper basket, lighting, handrail, indication of available, manure extraction interface, toilet collection box, water tank and various signs. ●High-end configuration Based on standard configuration, central air conditioning, audio, LED light indication, LCD TV, pneumatic door and exhaust system are optional. Advantages of mobile toilets 1. Mobile toilets have strong mobility, thus avoiding the waste of resources caused by house demolition. 2. There are various processing methods, and appropriate processing methods can be adopted according to the limitations of the use environment. 3. The floor area is small. Compared with traditional toilets, mobile toilets greatly save land area, which can meet the tense situation of current land! 4 Generous. It can not only ensure the practicality but also highlight the importance of aesthetic. It has become a beautiful scenery of tourist attractions and park communities! 5. It greatly saves labor, material and financial resources in construction. The construction of traditional toilets usually requires complex processes of site selection, material purchase, construction, completion, and use, while mobile toilets are finished products produced by manufacturers, which can be installed for use directly. People’s awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, and China vigorously advocates environmental protection and conservation. We believe that mobile toilets will become more and more popular! Standard size: squatting position size is 1.2*1.5m, general height is 3 meters. Color and special size can be customized according to customer requirements.


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